Dynamically Accelerated Streaming (DaS)

DaS is an RTMP to HTTP proxy application. DaS acts as a proxy and delivers live streams encapsulated in HTTP. HTTP is a “stateless” protocol, and DaS simply converts RTMP streams into HTTP streams. DaS can only be used to deliver live audio and video content.

How does DaS work?

End users request a live stream from a DaS server. The DaS server checks whether the requested live stream is available in its dynamic cache, and if the requested live stream is not available, the DaS server will initiate a proxy connection to an RTMP server in order to fetch the live stream. DaS will then deliver that live stream to end users once it begins to receive the live stream from the RTMP server. DaS uses stream splitting (Is used in order to save bandwidth and increase performance. When using stream splitting, one connection is established between the Origin and Edge servers, and the Edge servers will rebroadcast the same content (or ‘stream’) to a number of concurrent end users.), and thus, for the requested live stream, only one connection between the DaS and the RTMP server is established; the DaS will unicast that stream to concurrent users over the WAN and LAN.

  • Faster loading, less buffering time to start the stream
  • Live DVR (Client Side DVR), record and seek into downloaded part of the live streaming
  • Gets through any firewall restrictions

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