Bandwidth Overage Protection

Bandwidth Overage


Bandwidth Overage comes as a nasty surprise, which is completely normal and happens when you have to host an unexpected event, or increase the stream quality so on. However at 5centsCDN, you can now enable overage protection which intern caps your bandwidth to a particular limit set by you where your service will be cut off when that mark has been attained. If you want to have uninterrupted streaming and do not mind the extra charge, you are welcome to try the latter too.

Bandwidth Overage Protection

Have a grip on your Wallet!!

Clients can now have a control on their bandwidth by setting the limit from either zero( to prevent any overages ) to 200% ( if overage charges are acceptable) hence you can enjoy continuous streaming with us!!

Attack Protection

Stop worrying about huge traffic bursts to your CDN with the bandwidth limit setter. Once the limit has been attained, our algorithm stops returning your files to whomever messing with your network.

Learn how to enable bandwidth overage protection?

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