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Unique UI with extended control

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CDN Dashboard

5centsCDN WAF is the only enterprise-grade web application firewall that was designed by our dedicated team to outwit today’s real world threats. Read more

Control Panel
Control Panel

Easy access to all the available features with 5centsCDN.The panel is easy to use and is understandable to anybody with a basic CDN knowledge.

Login Security

Helps protect your account with 2 step verification, IP match, email verification to ensure you are the sole owner of the account which inturn helps keep it secure.

Traffic director
Traffic Director

Enterprise plan enables MCDN routing using our very own Traffic Director with which you can route traffic to the best network. Read more


You can use our free shared SSL or we can install your custom dedicated SSL for NO additional monthly fee. Read more

Reports and Statistics

We have two type of logs, normal and raw logs which gives you detailed reports and activity reports of up to 30 days .

Our Control Panel Sneak Peek

Control Panel

Control Panel

Unique UI with extended

control of your CDN delivery

  • Create Publishing Points
  • Create Pull Zones
  • Create Push Zones
  • Real Time Status
  • Manage Account
  • View Reports

CDN Statistics

Know your traffic using near real-time reports

  • Hourly, Weekly & Monthly Bandwidth
  • Cache Ratio (Hit & Miss)
  • Location Based Report
  • Status Code
  • Popular Files
  • File Type
CDN Statistics

Live Stream Concurrent Users

Know your live event concurrent users in real-time