• Domainlock

    You decide on which domains or websites the stream can be played on. This form of hotlinking will prevent poacher from using your content on their site without express permission beforehand.

  • Geoblocking

    You can decide which countries the stream can be played in. Most of the content providers have restrictions between borders, so this feature can be very useful in a pinch.

  • Record your live stream

    You can record your live stream directly onto our CDN servers for a cost. 5centsCDN team will the upload or transfer a FLV file to your servers via Rysnc or FTP.

  • Multi bit rate

    When your users have low internet bandwidth, you can use this feature to allow them to play the live stream smoothly.

  • Reports & analytics

    Statistics about your live stream is very important, you need to know who watched your stream, from where and how many hit’s etc don’t worry we provide you a detailed reports & analytics.

  • 5centsCDN as a backup CDN

    If you already have a CDN provider, and want to be ready to handle a large influx of users at once, we are always their for you to provide the servers and infrastructure to get you through the rush.

  • Pull mode

    We can pull the live content from your RTMP server, and any other CDN providers you might be working with.

  • Push mode

    You can push the live content to our CDN server using FMLE, or any other encoders which support the RTMP protocol.

  • IP cam re-streaming

    You can save bandwidth and support larger player for your IP cam live streaming. Contact buy@5centscdn.com for more info.

  • Easy control panel

    You have the power at your fingertips to manage and control your live stream in realtime. Creating publishing points, stream names, secure your content and access technical support & billing all from one easy-to-use control panel.

  • 15 mins response time

    15 mins response time & 1 hours resolution time. The 5centsCDN team is available any hour of the day, seven days a week.

  • SLA 99%

    SLA is an important factor and we want to win the confidence of our customers by setting the industry standard. If we don’t meet the SLA we will provide you service credits, with little to no wait time.

  • HTTP live streaming – DaS

    This is not your average out of the box technology, as lots of companies provide HTTP live streaming already. 5CentsCDN have developed our own in house HTTP live streaming technology, which we like to call DaS (Dynamically accelerated streams).

  • iPhone/Blackberry/Android streaming

    Mobile streaming is becoming the new standard in our quickly advancing world, and we can deliver live streaming to any device which support H.264 & AAC. Though there are limitations to playback capability and stream quality due to frame rate support, resolution and network infrastructure.

  • Roku streaming

    We can deliver live streaming to Roku, a set-top box which supports HTTP live streaming. We provide professional services to develop Roku applications for live streaming only.Please contact buy@5centscdn.com for more info.

  • Roku APP

    We provide professional services to develop Roku applications for live streaming only. Please contact buy@5centscdn.com for more info.

  • iPhone / Android APP

    We provide professional services to develop iPhone/Android applications for live streaming only. Please contact buy@5centscdn.com for more info.

  • Custom flash player

    We provide source code for a flash player that you can customize as required for your particular business. We are currently planning to provide licensed flash players to all our current customers.