Monthly Plan


1. The plan is prepaid monthly. What's included?

2. The account of the exsisting client should be in good standing for the upgrade to monthly plan with the overage invoices duly settled on or before the due date if any.

3. The account will be automatically suspended by the system if there are any outstanding invoices.

4. SLA will NOT be applicable due to volume network pricing, ONLY best effort.

5. The BW overages of $15 per TB is applicable for all plans.

6. Billing is prepayment and there are NO refunds.

7. Data Erased if Service NOT renewed. If the service is not renewed within 7 days from suspension, all DATA will be PERMANENTLY ERASED. All cloud storage data will be also permanently wiped to ensure the confidentiality of your data and consequently, it will not be possible to recover any data.

Note 1: Delivery via Only by Volume Network PoPs

Note 2: Late payment fee of 19.99% of the total invoice amount will be added after 7 days past due date. EG: If the total invoice amount is 100 USD and the due date is 1st of the month, a late payment fee of 19.99 USD will be added on the 8th and hence, the total invoice after late payment fee will be 119.99 USD.

Note 3: Regular TOS applies along with this.