5centsCDN accelerate the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images (in-short HTTP objects).

What we do is simple?

  • Cache or Prefetch
  • Compress
  • TCP acceleration
  • Delivery via 5centsCDN Network

Rocket science behind the scenes

  • We cache or prefetch, your HTTP objects to our CDN servers.
  • We compress it and deliver from the closest server when an user request for the content.


  • High performance delivery
  • High availability
  • One price for bandwidth
  • No contracts, pay us we care take care of the rest



Push Zone 1 Included – Extra: $10 / year
Pull Zone 1 Included – Extra: $10 / year
SLA 100%
Technical Support 24×7
Fully Managed Yes
Raw logs Optional
Vanity URL Yes
Reports & Analytics Yes


Our pricing model is simple, all you need to do is, buy our bandwidth &  storage package according to your requirement.

  • Bandwidth  is available as monthly or yearly packages.
  • Storage is only available as monthly packages. Currently we offer three types of storage:
    • Standard
      • No redundant storage
      • Encoding (VOD) and recording (Live) services included
    • Premium
      • Redundant storage
      • Encoding (VOD) and recording (Live) services included
In addition to above packages we also customize packages according to your requirement, kindly contact our sales team at buy@5centscdn.com.



How does HTTP web acceleration support SSL HTTP delivery?
Do I get vanity URL or custom CNAME?
How long does it take to activate the account?
Account activation is instant.
Do I get reports and analytics?
Yes, you can use our control panel to get usage details.