IP camera re-streaming is a turnkey solution for clients who has an IP camera in their network infrastructure to re-stream or broadcast over the internet to a wider audience or specific user groups. IP cameras are mostly used for infrastructure security as well as monitoring purpose. IP camera acts as a streaming server to broadcast real time video, but it can only support 10 concurrent connections (depend on the internet bandwidth as well as IP camera specification). 5centsCDN eliminates these limitations by enabling your IP camera streams to be watched by ‘N’ no. of concurrent users using our CDN servers.

How does IP camera re-streaming work?

5centsCDN servers pull one stream from your IP camera and your end user can watch the live broadcast from our server thus eliminating the internet bandwidth limitation or any IP camera limitation.

Minimum requirement
  • Static IP for your IP camera or proper router configuration has to implemented hence our server can pull stream from your IP camera
  • IP camera should support RTSP streaming
  • Video and audio format should be  H.264, AAC or MP3

Best way to check if your IP camera is capable of sending H.264, AAC or MP3 content. You can do this using the VideoLAN VLC player:

  • Open the VLC player
  • Select menu item Media -> Open Network Stream…, enter your camera’s RTSP URL and click Play (IP Camera RTSP URLs)
  • Once the stream starts playing, select menu item Tools -> Codec Information
  • Be sure the codecs listed are one or two of the following
    • H.264 or AVC1 or MPEG4 Part10
    • AAC
    • MP3











Bandwidth 1TB of BW 5TB of BW 10TB of BW
No.of IP cam’s 10 50 100
SLA 99% 99% 99%
RTMP, RTSP, HLS & DaS Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support 24×7 24×7 24×7
Fully Managed Yes Yes Yes
Bitrate Any Any Any
Vanity URL Yes Yes Yes
Reports & Analytics Yes Yes Yes


How many IP camera can I stream?
Any number of IP cameras. With basic package you can stream up to 10 IP camera, 10 USD per additional IP camera.
Why should I consider managed IP camera re-streaming?
IP camera being a critical factor and requires high availability. Our managed solution will ensure your IP camera re-streaming is available 24x7x365.
Can I record the IP camera streaming?
Yes, by default 10GB is allocated, if you exceed the storage you can purchase additional storage space.
Are there any limitations around the live stream recording and DVR (Eg. hours of footage, how far back you can rewind, etc)?
You can record upto 10GB video, additional storage can be purchased. With DVR you can rewind and forward from where you have started watching the live streaming.