Are you looking to stream your live video and audio in real time over the web and mobile platform? 5centsCDN Inc. live streaming solution is a user friendly and extremely easy to use and instant online one stop end to end solution for live broadcasting your events and for worldwide publicity (corporate meeting, conference, wedding and new product launch), 24/7 live broadcasts like satellite television channel & radio, video on demand and much more.

Live streaming, delivering live over the Internet, involves a video camera for the media, a live encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher point and a content delivery network like (5centsCDN Inc.) to distribute and deliver the content uninterrupted. 5centsCDN Inc. will deliver your live streaming to Play back devices such as desktop computers (MAC/PC), laptops, tablets, Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad or set top boxes at suitable bit rates, top clarity and less latency (No Buffering).

What we offer?

  • DVR (Trick play: forward, rewind and pause).
  • Live streaming recording and video on demand delivery.
  • Geo blocking.  ( You decide the region of presence of your live content).
  • Domain locking. ( No unauthorized viewing and complete protection of your content).

Live Streaming Protocols

    • RTMP – Real Time Messaging Protocol. Web live streaming protocol.
    • RTSP – Real Time Streaming Protocol. For mobile real time streaming.
    • HLS – HTTP Live Streaming. For Apple & Roku devices streaming.
    • DaS – Dynamically Accelerated Streaming (DaS). DaS is a HTTP live streaming technology. DaS accelerate live video and audio content over the internet in real time using HTTP protocol.

Video and Audio Formats

    • Video: H.264, VP6, Sorenson Spark®, Screen Share codec
    • Audio: AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC, MP3, Speex, NellyMoser ASAO


Why choose a Content Delivery Network?
CDN enables you to deliver your live stream to a larger audience sans borders with minimum latency and absolutely no buffering. Moreover if you wish to live stream high quality video, origin server’s proximity matter a lot, closer the origin server, higher the quality of video that you can deliver for your end viewers or in technical terms you can use higher bit rates for your live streaming for higher video quality.
What is an origin server?
You might be aware a CDN infrastructure consists of “Origin” and “Edge” servers. Origin servers are the those servers onto which you publish the live content or push your encoded live video and audio content (Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast encoders) and edge servers are the those servers your end viewers get the live content from or your end viewers watch the live streaming.
How does the billing works?
We bill you for the bandwidth usage.
Is there any restriction with number of viewers watching the live streaming?
No, our CDN infrastructure support unlimited number of users.
Is there any restrictions in bit rate?
With 1TB package how many hours of live streaming I can stream or how many user can watch my live streaming?
If you bit rate is 1000 Kbps and average viewing hours per user is 60 mins, then approximately 2250 viewers can watch the live stream for 60 mins. You can use our Bandwidth Calculator to estimate bandwidth usage.