The newly introduced Pay As You Go which is only a few months old has been one of the most liked packages as per the feedback of our clients as it virtually charges zero and also gives a free $15 credit equivalent to 1TB bandwidth which after the full usage of the credit will be billed at .0143 cents per GB, also is activated instantly on signup.

As mentioned, clients can instantly signup for the service here: The above link directs the clients to our shopping cart which provides basic details of what a client gets concerning the number of streams, zones etc on his/her signup.

How does the Package Work?

A client on signup gets a free credit of $15 which is equivalent to 1TB bandwidth as our per GB pricing is $.0143 per GB. The Pay As You Go is basically a Topup system, the client can top up for a particular amount to use the corresponding bandwidth. Once the usage reaches 1TB benchmark, the client receives an email from our system to add funds within 24 hours If the usage reaches 200%, i.e 2TB, the service gets suspended with immediate effect.

The maximum funds a client can add at a time is $5000 and the maximum balance in a Pay As You Go account can have is $15000. A client can use the service at will and it is up to his discretion, we have included one stream name for live streaming purpose with 100 Zones and can purchase extra stream names from here:

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