You can download files using Cyberduck. In this method, you can download multiple files or files inside a folder with just a click. Also, using this method you can upload, delete, create folders, etc.

Please follow the steps,

Step 1: Download OpenStack RC file from console

  • Login to 5centsCDN control panel.
  • Go to Zones and select HTTP Push or VoD Push.
  • Click the Manage button of your push zone.
  • On the redirected page, click FTP / OpenStack Details. 
  • You can download the OpenStack RC File v3.  


Step 2: Install and configure Cyberduck

  • You need to download and install the Cyberduck software(available Windows and Mac). Click here 
  • Once the software installed, you can see this window. Click Open Connection.


  • In Connection Type, you can select OpenStack Swift(Keystone 3)


  • We have already downloaded the OpenStack RC file in Steps 1. You can fill the credential in Cyberduck based on the RC file. The required fields are

    -> Server
    -> Port
    -> Project:Domain:Username
    -> Password

    A sample screenshot is attached below, you can fill like this


  • Click the Connect button. Now you can seen the folders and files in the Push zone.


  • To download a file or folder, you can right click the folder name or file name and select Download option.

  • The download will start instantly and you can check the progress.

  • You can also upload files to OpenStack using this method.

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