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Create an HTTP pull zone with HTTP optimization and set the Your Origin Server Host Name > https://no-cdn.shortpixel.ai

Enable SSL as well:


Once the zone is created copy the Custom CNAME or default CDN Hostname URL then follow the below steps on WordPress Installation:

Before starting the next steps we are assuming you have the WP ShortPixel AI plugin installed!

Ensure you have a ShortPixel account or create an API and associate once the plugin is installed!

Go to Settings > ShortPixel AI > Behaviour > API URL and enter the following URL: https://shortpixel.yourcustomcname.com-or-cdnhostname/spai

  1. Note: In the screenshot where the pull zone is being created we have used shortpixel.5centscdn.net as custom CANME hence under ShortPixel AI settings we will be using https://shortpixel.5centscdn.net/spai, under 5centscdn.net WP installation!
  2. You can either use the Default CDN HostName URL or CUSTOM CNAME URL
    1. Default CDN HostName URL
    3. If you can using the CUSTOM CNAME URL ensure that CUSTOM CNAME properly set up on your DNS which pointing to 5centsCDN Default CDN HostName
    4. Here is an example of how CNAME looks like under Cloudflare, ensure CNAME is in DNS ONLY Mode!

All Done!


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