Previously, the users can only enable SSL for a CNAME. Now they can enable SSL for all CNAMES as a SAN via Let’s Encrypt.

To configure in console, please follow the steps,

  • Login to 5centsCDN console.
  • In the case of Live Streams, go to Live Streams>Global Settings>CNAME/SSL.
  • In the case of Push or Pull zone, go to Zones>HTTP/VoD>Push/Pull>Manage>CDN Resource>Custom CNAMES
  • You can add multiple CNAMES here (maximum of 3 CNAMES).
  • Enable Let’s Encrypt SSL.

The SSL deployment will take some time based on the network. For enterprise networks, it will take up to 48hr of time and 24 hrs time for other networks. Once the SSL is deployed you can use the added CNAMES and the 5centsCDN hostname(eg: or

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