If the encoder is being disconnected for more than 1min, then YouTube will consider the Livestream has been ended and archive the stream.

So if anybody is pushing to YouTube via Simulcast and if their encoder gets disconnected for more than 1 min to 5centsCDN Origin, the simulcast will be stopped, and hence YouTube will make the stream offline. Next time the encoder reconnects, the simulcast will be able to push to the same YouTube RTMP ingestion settings, but Youtube will show it as a new Livestream with a different playback URL. For example,

Session 1 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11111111111
Session 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22222222222

-> Is there any solution to avoid this problem?

Yes, We have an option, You can create a Scheduled Playlist. The steps are explained below,

  • Create a Scheduled playlist. Click here
  • Create a Simulcast platform inside the Scheduled playlist. Click here
  • You can add a sample video to the default playlist.
  • The scheduled playlist supports live streaming ingest. You can encode your live stream to the scheduled playlist. Click here
  • Enable Live transcoding to the simulcast platform. The live transcoding will maintain a constant bitrate/codec. Click here

The settings are completed, You can encode your live stream to the scheduled playlist. If any source interruption happens, It will automatically switch back to the sample video configured in the default playlist. So it won’t affect the Youtube live stream.

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