VoD Transcoding

VoD Transcoding

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Transcoding is the process of converting a media file or object from one format to another, in order to gain compatibility with another program, application, or device. This is usually required in cases where a specific device does not support the source format or has limited storage capacity that requires a reduced file size or recognizable format.

5centsCDN offers VOD Transcoding and Live Transcoding. Video transcoding is the process of converting a media file from one format to another. Our Video Transcoding service allows you to convert your media files to MP4 format profiles ranging from 240p, 360p, 480p to 720p, making your videos viewable across multiple platforms and devices.

VOD Transcoding Features

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Instant Conversion

Upload and instantly convert your files to MP4 and WEBM. You can upload any number of video files simultaneously using FTP or HTTP upload and instantly convert those files.

Encoding Profiles

We have created a number of preset profiles which you can utilize to encode your video file. You can also create your own profile to meet your requirement. The number of profiles you can create is unlimited that provide viewers with the web and mobile devices the optimal experience.

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In one-pass encoding the encoding is done in the first pass itself, in case of 2-pass encoding the file is analyzed thoroughly in the first pass and a intermediate file is created. In the second pass the encoder looks up the intermediate file and appropriately allocates bits, the actual encoding takes place in the second pass. 5centsCDN supports both the formats

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Improve your viewer’s experience by delivering the live streaming content using adaptive bitrate streaming to suit the viewer's connection speed.

Minute Price

VOD transcoding pricing is very simple you buy the transcoding minutes and we bill only the length of the video. We do not charge based on file size simple or bandwidth, simply the length on a per minute factor.

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No Limit

There is no limit for transcoding or file size you can upload. You can transcode any file size but we recommend not to exceed more than 5 GB. Also, you can deliver to any number of viewers using our CDN via HLS.

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We offer a complete status of your encoding as where the process stands


Select files directly from your cloud storage and process file also will be available in your cloud storage.

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Allows combined conversion of videos to as many formats as you need. Every output is encoded concurrently, with virtually no waiting—whether you do one or one hundred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s say your source file is 10 mins, and quality is 1080p and you wanted to create 3 output profiles like 720, 480p and 360p. In this use case total transcoding minutes will be 30 mins for 3 profiles:
720p: 10 mins
480p: 10 mins
360p: 10 mins

No, you can create any number of transcoding profiles!

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