Bot Protection And Management

Shield Your Web Application Against Bad Bots

Outsmart the most sophisticated bots with the help of 5centsCDN’s Intelligent WAF, which identifies and mitigates the bad bots before it enters the ecosystem. Don’t let bad bots have the potential to overload servers and cause denial of service for legitimate users, scrape content, steal proprietary assets and credentials, launch automated attacks, and even gain access to system files

Bot Protection and Management

Next-Gen Bot Protection In One Click.

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Bussiness Solutions

Security Solutions

Reduce fraud losses by preventing bots from stealing your data, credentials, or money.

Fraud Loss

Maximize operational efficiencies by saving your bandwidth, server resources, and costs from unwanted bot traffic.

Operational Efficiency

Improve customer experiences by ensuring that your web application is fast, reliable, and secure for your human users.

Customer Experience

Enhance business intelligence by providing you with accurate insights and analytics on your web traffic and user behavior.

Bussiness intelligence

Prevent All The OSWAP Threats In The Matter Of Clicks

Intelligent Bot Protection & Management system that lets you control your web application traffic and avoid any potential threat to security.

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