Live event streaming

Be a part of every event anywhere in the world via live stream

Don’t let your viewers miss out on anything by giving them the best live streaming experience across devices and multiple platforms, no matter where you are. Even on limited bandwidth, we make sure that the quality of your content remains high definition no matter what.

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Church Streaming

Broadcasting solution for your house of worship to reach the viewers at the comfort of their living rooms. We help people find Jesus and build a community with uninterrupted and smooth live streaming of the service.

Church Streaming

Sports Streaming

Enjoy the fast and smooth streaming of your favorite sport and get to have a stadium-like experience in the comfort of your living room. Don’t miss out on hockey, cricket, football, tennis, boxing, or golfing.

Church Streaming

Looking for live event streaming for a custom or large audience?

Let your users experience the best CDN with exceptional live event streaming

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Reach maximum number of audience with
minimum effort

Live Recording DVR

Secure Content Delivery

No downtime can disrupt your smooth live streaming as we provide live redundancy to ensure foolproof security and high-quality viewer experiences.

Live Recording DVR

Social Media Integration

Entertain all your viewers across the platforms by scheduling a live event to be streamed to all social channels including Facebook and YouTube

Live Recording DVR

Control Your Content

Our live streaming of events is centered around the convenience of the audience hence you can control the content via play, pause, rewind, and record options.

Live Recording DVR

Scalable Content

No matter what kind of live stream you’re aiming for; a single live stream for an event, or 24/7 channels, we scale it as per your needs and preferences.

Live Recording DVR

Content Beyond Boundaries

You can now reach your global audience for any live event streaming via the cloud-based advanced architecture offered by 5centsCDN.

Live Recording DVR

Simple API

Providing ease of development and a consistent, programmatic method for our clients to integrate their technology with ours.

Large-Scale Live Streams

For managing the event.

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What is Live Streaming Latency?

How many channels can I Integrate with my Live streaming?

What happens when my Bandwidth video limit is exceeded?

What is Video Frame Rate?

Is it possible to rewind the content of a live stream?

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