IP Camera Restreaming

Advanced network of IP camera recording and streaming

Modern content delivery network at 5centsCDN offers robust options for embedding IP camera streams into websites. Broadcast over the internet to a wider audience or specific audiences and let your IP camera restreams be viewed by an unlimited number of concurrent users.

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Monitoring And Surveillance

Simplify your streams by combining low latency and reliable video delivery. The high functionality of this technology ensures security and convenience for every user anywhere in the world.

IP Camera Restreaming

Experience the robust IP camera features

Live Recording DVR


You can decide which countries the stream should be allowed or blocked in. Be in control of your content as we put in place certain measures to limit the access of the user to the content in some locations. It ensures the integrity of a content provider by securing the services..

Live Recording DVR

Token Security

Security comes first hence we provide an authentication token for protecting your content that prevents access to unauthorized users. You can generate a unique URL that expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy it..

Live Recording DVR

Multi Bitrate Transcoding+

Delivering live streaming content using adaptive bitrate streaming to suit the viewer’s connection speed. You can improve your audiences’ viewing experience to a huge extent with minimum effort..

Live Recording DVR

DVR / Recording

Don’t miss out on any of your favorite TV shows anymore; sports, events, movies, etc, with the much-asked-for Record, Rewind, and Pause option for your desired programs with an integrated timeshift feature. DVR works well with live programs as well.

Live Recording DVR

Real-Time Status

Stay updated and have a check on essential data such as bandwidths and concurrent connections in real-time on the control panel when delivering content to your clients. You can use this data to improve your service..

Live Recording DVR

Delayed Streaming

Delay your live broadcasts from minutes to hours using the stream latency feature. In order to avoid compromising on the quality of the steam, we ensure high-quality, high-speed network to broadcast from..

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From The Blog:

IP Camera Restreaming Or Multistreaming

Let’s define the term ‘restreaming‘, means publishing or multistreaming or pushing your IP cam feeds to YouTube or Facebook or custom RTMP servers. Most IP cam does not support RTMP ingest or push option, though IP cams have the option to get RTSP.

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